Monday, June 3, 2013

Red-Tailed Hawk Eating Squirrel

A Red-Tailed Hawk flew towards me carrying what looked to be a rather large load in its talons.  It landed in a tall pine tree in the cemetery, and a lot of American Robins came swooping in from surrounding trees, calling alarms near the hawk, and one brave Northern Mockingbird kept pecking it in the tail.   After I had a closer look, I realized he had caught a grey squirrel.  I don't think the whole thing was there, but at least half of it was still in his talons.

The poor hawk just wanted to eat its fresh catch.  A 2nd Red-Tailed Hawk cried over and over again from a nearby tree and then flew circles around this hawk, crying at it flew by.  No sharing took place, though.

Red-Tailed Hawk #2