Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Back to Local Birds and Butterflies

It's been hard re-adjusting to the time change from Arizona (3 hours) and a full-time job after 11 days off from work!  I forced myself out the door this morning, though, and had a nice sighting of a Red-Tailed Hawk trying to get into a Northern Mockingbird nest (I assume).  I never saw the nest, but the hawk was low to the ground and actually walking around a shrub, peering into an opening in it.  The mockingbird parents were going crazy, flying around the hawk's tail and taking occasional stabs at it.  I hope the babies survived......

It's rare for me to see a hawk at (or below) eye level and have such a good look at it!  I am always in awe of birds of prey.  Love seeing all their features up close!  Just look at those talons!

This afternoon, I walked at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southboro, hoping for some butterflies.  Well, I was not disappointed!  I saw my FOY Baltimore Checkerspots (2), and one of them even posed for a picture right at the side of the trail!  Fun!  

Baltimore Checkerspot

The meadows were in their full glory, and it was nice to be out walking again even with the humid 88 degree temperature!

Sulphur Cinquefoil

 Cabbage White

Bobolink (female)
(click to enlarge)

Bobolink (male)

Widow Skimmer (female)

Halloween Penant

This is such a gorgeous dragonfly.  It was perched on a piece of grass that was blowing crazily in the wind.  It was challenging to get a photo, or at least one that was mostly in focus!

Clouded Sulphur

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  1. Great detail on that hawk, I didn't know they would actually walk on the ground as you've shown here. I always thought they would keep a good distance.