Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mount Towanda Butterflies

Today I hiked up Mount Towanda, aka Horn Pond Mountain, in Woburn, MA.  It's a very urban setting and popular with joggers, families, dog walkers, kayakers, and fishermen.  It's nice to see so many people out enjoying the great outdoors!

Horn Pond is a great place for flowers, birds, dragonflies, and butterflies.

 Cedar Waxwing #1

Cedar Waxwing #2

Eastern Towhee
singing "drink your tea"

Belted Kingfisher in silhouette

Halloween Penant

Eastern Amberwing

Dogbane (a real butterfly magnet - see below)

Dogbane is a relative of milkweed, but it is much more toxic.  It can have white or pink flowers.  It's very pretty close up!

Help with ID would be appreciated

Wood Lily

It was humid and in the 80s and after climbing up (it's only 287 feet) and squatting down over and over again to photograph butterflies, I almost blacked out.  So I headed down the mountain and restored myself with a couple of cold drinks!  I missed the Mass Butterfly Club hike here yesterday, so I was hoping to see some of the pretty hairstreaks that they saw.....I did have pretty good luck with butterflies!

Black Swallowtail

Edwards Hairstreak

Coral Hairstreak

American Copper

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Eastern-Tailed Blue

Striped Hairstreak

Cabbage White

Eastern-Tailed Blue

Crossline Skipper

Crossline Skipper

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