Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birding at Duxbury Beach

I decided to continue on to Duxbury Beach from Quincy.  The sun did break out, and the day became quite beautiful.  I parked at my usual spot at the end of Powder Point Bridge (where you don't need a permit).  The work was complete on the old wooden bridge, and it was open to vehicles again.  Much of the beach was fenced off to protect nesting Piping Plovers, but I walked past the closures and made it out onto the beach way down the road.   One other person (who had biked in) and I were the only people there, sitting in the sand, enjoying the peace and quiet.  The views were stunningly beautiful - turquoise and greens in the ocean, light blue skies and white puffy clouds with lavender edges, and oh, I wish you could smell the perfume of the white and pink beach roses!

View from the bridge

Osprey (fishing)

Beach roses


Song Sparrow
(looking like he just got out of the rain)

Song Sparrows and Terns were the most common sightings on this walk.  I wish I could say I spotted some Piping Plovers, but I didn't!

looking back at the bridge

Common Tern

I love this angle!

The tern flies over the water, head down, looking for fish.  It flies down and splashes right into the water to catch the fish.  They are exciting to watch.

Here's where I sat on the beach for a while.  The orange cord is the fenced off portion to protect the plovers.  You can see the lighthouse off in the distance.  The cyclist pointed out a seal in the water, that he thought should have been north by now and must be in trouble.

Laughing Gull


Great Egret flyover

Northern Mockingbird

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