Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barn Swallow Nest Update

Last time I visited Hopkinton State Park (5/22/2013), the barn swallows were collecting mud to build up the walls of their nest.  Today, the mother was sitting on the nest, incubating.  The incubation period is from 12-17 days.  So, if they had eggs the day after I last visited (who knows?), the babies may be born any time between now and the end of next week.

There were a lot of people at HSP today, enjoying the beautiful sunny day.  I didn't hear any Baltimore Orioles, so I'm not sure there are any nesting here this season after all.  There may have been one way down near Route 85, but there was a large picnic going on there, and I'm sure those people didn't want me staring into the treetops all around their tables!

I went down to the other end, nearer the beach and was happy to find some butterflies, damselflies, and dragonflies flitting about.

Azure Bluet (what a beauty!)

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Common Ringlet

Blue-Eyed Grass

Meanwhile, back at home, things are getting a little "wild".  The night before last, I hung a fresh cake of suet from a shepherd's hook clamped to my deck railing.  Yesterday, not even 24 hours later, a visitor came and knocked it all down and stole the suet right before my very eyes!

I've also noticed that some plants in my garden are missing all their fresh green tops.  Today, I know who is responsible.

I'm still waiting for a black bear yard sighting!  I really think it's possible.....but not sure how happy it'd make me.  Of course, if I got a photo, it'd be great!  They've been seen locally in Sudbury, Newton and Acton.  I always think they might lumber down the gas pipeline and end up in my neighborhood!

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