Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eastern Kingbird and more

I went over to the Sudbury Reservoir Trail this morning, particularly to get a look at the Baltimore Oriole nest that I had found there earlier this spring.  No noticeable activity at the nest, but the male was in the tree across the street.

Canada Geese

As soon as I turned into the dirt road next to the ball fields, I spotted a crowd of Canada geese down by the water.  They took off as I approached, but there were lots of juveniles in the group.  It's amazing how little I like the adults, but throw a few babies or juvies in there, and it's a whole different experience.


I loved the way the morning sun was lighting up this chicory.....

Eastern Kingbird

What a handsome bird!  He flew in off the water and landed so close to me, giving me this great view!

Eastern Forktail

Green on one end and blue on the other, this was such a pretty little pin-sized damselfly.  They seem to hover rather than fly.  They are fun to watch!

Widow Skimmer

And I can't leave out the little one waiting next to my door when I came home....

I visited Wildwood Cemetery tonight and happened to park near a shrub out of which came the sound of a baby Northern Mockingbird.  This was a completely different nest location from the one that the Red-Tailed Hawk was hunting the other day.  Both parents were nearby and I quickly moved off to avoid stressing them out.  A bit later, one of the parents was bringing some food to the nest.

Northern Mockingbird

I was also surprised to find a turtle in the cemetery!  I was on one of the upper roads that is not near the river at all, so it was an usual sighting, to be sure.  It makes me wonder how far from the water they go to lay their eggs......

Eastern Painted Turtle

As I was heading out, I spotted Tom Turkey.  Haven't seen him in a while.  He struck some nice poses for me.  It's a face only a mother could love!

Wild Turkey

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