Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pine Grosbeak

After reading about repeated sightings of Pine Grosbeaks at Wachusett Country Club, I knew that I just had to get over there for a chance at seeing this life bird.   I stopped next to Wachusett Reservoir on Route 140 when I saw a flock of ducks in the water, fairly close to the roadway.

 Common Goldeneyes

When I first arrived at the parking lot at WCC and checked the crabapple trees, it was nothing but American Robins taking full advantage of the fruit.  More and more robins flew in from neighboring trees.  There must have been at least 200.  It was quite a sight.

American Robin

I decided to be patient and double checked the other trees around the parking lot.  Still nothing but Robins.  A little later, I saw a few European Starlings mixed in.

European Starlings

Then, a much smaller bird which turned out to be some type of Sparrow species, probably a House Sparrow.  Then, I saw a lone bird in one of the trees to the right of the clubhouse.  It was singing a song I had never heard before!  BINGO.  A female Pine Grosbeak.  A very hungry female Pine Grosbeak!

I did not see a male, but as I was photographing the female, a small flock of Cedar Waxwings flew into the same tree.   Oh, lucky day!  I just love this Zorro of the bird world!

It was quite a popular tree, hosting multiple American Robins, European Starlings, a Pine Grosbeak and Cedar Waxwings all at the same time.

Note to self:  WCC looks like it would be a beautiful place to watch the sun rise!


  1. Great photos Dawn and so glad you got the Pine Grosbeak!

    1. I just noticed you guys stopped at WCC today too!