Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hopkinton State Park

January 2nd, and it sure feels like winter this morning!  It was only in the low 20s, with a chilly breeze and it felt like a late sunrise.  I went over to Hopkinton SP to check for birds.  Good quantity (but not variety) of water birds today:  Canada geese and mallards were all that I saw.  It was really uncomfortable lifting my arms to take a photo with the cold air blowing in around my waist.  I needed my other coat with the drawstring to close it at the bottom!  

I noticed some movement in one birch tree and discovered there were 4 Common Redpolls feeding there.   I accidentally stepped on a chunk of frozen snow as I neared the tree and that spooked them, but luckily they didn't go far.

I also heard a Tufted Titmouse calling but did not see it.  I saw one Blue Jay, in the trees along the water, but it was shy and flew off as I approached it.

The snow was really sparkling in the cold temps, but I wasn't able to capture the sparkle in a photo.  I think it will help you to "feel" the cold, though, to look at this photo of the blue/white snow.

The moon was the most beautiful thing about the morning.   You could even see the craters in the surface of the moon.  [Click to enlarge the photo]  So pretty!

Can't wait to see what the lunch hour brings!

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