Friday, January 4, 2013

Birding at Farm Pond

The mute swans are hogging the remaining open water at Farm Pond in Framingham.  I counted more than 70 mute swans (up from my estimate of about 44 last year - you can see how they are going to be a big problem in the not too distant future), a few Canada geese, and a couple ducks, but the ducks were too small to identify from my side of the pond.

It was 26 degrees.  A pretty morning .... I was there in time to watch the sunrise.   I don't think it's as pretty on an icy surface as it is when it is reflected on the water.

On my side of the pond, the walking path runs between the pond and a big ditch.  The water in this ditch is not frozen, and it was home to a nice group of mallards.  I spooked them off, but I'd estimate there were at least 3 dozen in all.  Last winter, a wood duck was hanging out with the mallards here, but there is no sign of him this year.  I did spot my first of year Song Sparrow in the brush along the ditch.

The moon is a waning crescent (less than 50% visible).  Still a pretty sight.  I love having such a clear view of both the sun and the moon at the same time of day.

the path along the pond

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