Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Work and Birding

This week is the first full 5-day work week since before Christmas.  How will I find any good birds?

I stopped at Hopkinton State Park before work this morning.  Canada geese and mallards were on the water, and the Common Redpolls were in the birch tree.  Four American Crows flew overhead.

 Waning Crescent Moon

The sky was prettier before the sun came  up. 

Canada geese on parade

This is the birch tree the Common Redpolls have been in....although not when I took this photo.

American Crow

Lunch hour was spent walking at Farm Pond in Framingham.  I thought the pond would be a bit more thawed than it was, considering HSP had thawed out.  Not so.  A strong wind was blowing across the water, and it did not feel like the 40 degrees on the thermometer.  Mute swans were still in the only open water on the far side of the pond.  There were gulls over there as well, but they were too far to identify.  The only positive bird sighting I had was of a Song Sparrow.

Mute Swans

Song Sparrow


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