Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Golden-Crowned Kinglets and an American Pipit

I tried to get in to Hopkinton State Park this morning, but the gates were closed due to the dusting of snow we had overnight.  Since I missed it earlier, I thought I'd pay a visit at lunch time.

There were two Golden-Crowned Kinglets in the brush next to the lake.  These birds are as small as a hummingbird, but they stay in Massachusetts during the cold winter.  I recently read that their average body temperature in winter is about 111 degrees!  Amazing!  These birds move almost constantly (probably to keep their temperature up!) and are, therefore, a challenge to photograph.  Usually, a bunch of branches stand in the way, too!

Also while I was there, a Ring-Billed Gull flew towards me and then stopped on the ice next to me, so I had to include photos of it!

Last, but not least, this bird hopped off of one of the cement boat ramps and was pecking away at the base of it.  I couldn't be certain what it was, so asked Alan M. of the Forbush Bird Club for assistance in identifying it.  It looked somewhat like a sparrow, but had a longer, narrower bill.  Plus, it had an off- whitish throat and a curved off-whitish line under the cheek as well as a streaked breast and at least a partial eye-ring.  The sun was behind it, so I couldn't get a decent photo.  I think it's an American Pipit, a life bird!

American Pipit - Life Bird!!!

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