Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birding at icy Duxbury Beach

It was 21 degrees with significant wind chill today.  I wanted to walk at Duxbury Beach again, but George would have nothing to do with it!  So I was on my own!  I spent a good two hours down there, and let me just say, it looked a little like an arctic tundra.  There were not half as many birds around as there had been during the last visit.  All the water under the bridge had frozen almost solid.   I had salty tears frozen down my cheeks on the return trip (heading into the wind), but really, it was a beautiful day and another nice outing.

Powder Point Bridge

The first birds I saw were decoys (I hope!) caught in the frozen water near the bridge.   Another couple walking on the bridge asked me if I knew what type of ducks they were, and I told them I thought they were decoys.  I'm sure they're worrying more than a few people!

I crossed over to the beach 4 different times, but never saw any shorebirds.

View to the south

American Crow (finally!)


There were so few birds to photograph that I attempted to catch anything flying by!

Merganser species

the road

Song Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow (Ipswich form)

I saw this species for the first time on my last visit to Duxbury Beach, but I was very happy to have a second look at it!  What a pretty bird.  It really camouflages well in the snowy beach habitat.

view from the bridge - looks like the tundra!

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