Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wildwood Cemetery

I took a ride through the cemetery this morning.  At the back corner, there were 5 mourning doves sitting on the ground with a ground squirrel close by.  The mourning doves took off quickly, squeaking as they flew off.  The squirrel took refuge on this little branch and waited for me to move along.

The crabapple (?) trees were still enticing flocks of robins.  A flock of starlings was making a big ruckus in a nearby maple tree, and occasionally one would come over to the fruit tree and fight off a robin or two for its chance at a piece of fruit.  Wish I had a recording of all the bird sounds taking place in these two trees.

 European Starling

American Robin

I love it when I catch them with the fruit in their beaks!   Otherwise, not a very fascinating bird day.

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