Friday, November 16, 2012

Hungry Robins

This morning, at Wildwood Cemetery, there was a flock of robins attacking the fruit on the crabapple trees (at least I think these are crabapples).  I like the challenge of trying to get a photo of them eating a piece of fruit.

They were quite aggressive, chasing off Dark-Eyed Juncos and each other as needed.  An occasional Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal also stopped in these trees for a snack.

It's another dark day here, so the photos are not great.

Got it!

Dark-Eyed Junco

This junco successfully landed in the tree without any robins noticing and chasing him off!  He didn't stay long, though.

I kept glancing behind me to make sure the wild turkey wasn't getting any ideas about protecting its territory.  He didn't seem too interested in me, which was good.

And on my way out, what should I spy but an American Tree Sparrow.  I seem to be seeing a lot of these lately!

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