Saturday, November 10, 2012

Greater Yellowlegs and more at PRNWR

It promised to be a beautiful fall day today - 50s and sunny, so I took the hour drive up to Newburyport to visit Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Prior to leaving the house, I saw a beautiful red fox running in my neighbor's yard.  On the road north, I saw two beautiful red-tailed hawks hunting from the streetlights on the highway ramps.  And on the return trip, I saw a white-tailed deer at the Weston toll booth on the Mass Turnpike.

Here are the highlights from Parker River:

Greater Yellowlegs - best bird of the day!

Herring Gull (dropping something to eat)

Dark-Eyed Junco drinking from a puddle

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Sometimes the rustling in the leaves is not a bird!  I think this is a vole.

Song Sparrow (I think)

Also seen but not photographed:  a wren, cedar waxwings, crows, Marsh hawks, black-capped chickadees, American robins, Canada geese, mute swans, and many ducks

How can you not enjoy the day when you are surrounded by stunning scenery at every turn?

Click here if you want to see photos from my visit to Parker River NWR last January.

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