Monday, November 26, 2012

Mixed Bag

Northern Mockingbird
What a funny face!

Breakneck Hill Road - Southboro, MA

Mute Swans
Farm Pond, Framingham, MA

This past spring, I counted 44 mute swans at Farm Pond.  Now that there are offspring from those 44, I need to record a new population count.  Stay tuned.  It appears as if the mute swans have taken over the water on the north side of the causeway and the other waterfowl (ring-necked ducks, Canada geese and Hooded Mergansers) are using the water on the south side. 

 Ring-necked Ducks

Hooded Mergansers (excluding top left)

The gulls were holding a town meeting on the causeway.


I received an email from Alan M., president of The Forbush Bird Club with details identifying the above gulls.  I want to add it here, since I find gulls very confusing.  It definitely helps clear things up!  Thanks, Alan!

Alan wrote:  While the vast majority of gulls in that picture are Ring-billed Gulls, the large brownish gull near the center front and the other brownish (a little lighter) one further back are sub-adult Herring Gulls. 
It takes Herring gulls 4 years to attain their familiar gray coloration. They start out kind of darkish brown and get lighter each year.
The two large gulls way back, with the black backs are Great Black-backed Gulls.

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