Friday, November 30, 2012

1-2-3 Hawks

Lunchtime birds.  Today's theme seemed to be hawks, with a couple new ducks thrown in for good measure!

Hawk #1
Red-Tailed Hawk (buteo)
Route 85, Southboro

I decided to make a quick stop at the Fay School ballfields after I saw a bunch of Canada geese in Strong Field.

Canada geese
(Oh, don't you want your kids playing on this field after the geese have been there?)

Hawk #2
Red-Tailed Hawk 
overlooking Strong Field

Northern Cardinal
(You have to love that brilliant red during this grey season!)

Ruddy Duck (female)
Life bird!

Ruddy Duck (male)
During the summer the male duck's bill is blue.  Hope I get to see that in 2013!

Hawk #3
Coopers Hawk (Accipiter)
Route 85, Southboro

I'm trying to learn how to identify hawks.  I have to admit, though, that on the first two I could clearly see they were red-tailed when they flew off!  I consider that cheating.  I want to be able to identify them when they are in the tree and I can't necessarily see the red of the tail.  For Hawk #3, I noticed that it was quite a bit smaller than #1 and #2, more like the size of a crow.  Also, its tail was so much longer than a red-tailed, its tail is striped (did you notice?) and its tail is rounded at the bottom.  Hope I got it right, because they say it is nearly impossible to tell it apart from a Sharp-Shinned Hawk.

It is not always easy for me to pay attention to the details because I am more focused on trying to get a clear photo!

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