Friday, December 26, 2014

Two Snowy Owls and a Merlin

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....two Snowy Owls and a Merlin in a pine tree!

This variation of "The 12 Days of Christmas" repeated in my head today.  I saw a Snowy Owl, probably the same one as yesterday, at Rye Harbor State Park.  I did not have it to myself today.  There were at least 9 photographers already set up watching it where it was perched in the rocks near the water.  I worked my way as far south as Salisbury Beach State Reservation, where I did not see any Snowy Owls, but I did have a nice Merlin sighting.

Rye Harbor State Park:

Snowy Owl #1

The view without the zoom.  Still see it?

This is how I managed to find it!  (Ugh)

I also had a nice close Northern Mockingbird sighting here.

Northern Mockingbird

Salisbury Beach State Park:


Hampton Beach State Park:

Snowy Owl #2

So peaceful!

After a lunch break with the family at Rudi's in Portsmouth, I decided to plug the meter and walk around beautiful historic Portsmouth for a couple of hours.  

Always birding, I noticed this Northern Flicker in a window of one of the stores!

Market Square

If you don't like doorways on old buildings, please STOP HERE.  The rest of the photos I took are all doors in the old part of town.  Many are on homes dating from the late 18th century.  I liked the Christmas decorations, the age and also the architectural variety.


This one was my favorite!  Which one was yours?

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