Monday, December 29, 2014

Beautiful Duxbury Beach

Still enjoying my vacation days, after a leisurely breakfast with my husband, I drove down to Duxbury Beach.  I absolutely love this place!  I parked at the end of Powder Point Bridge and walked in, since I do not have a permit to take my car in.  I did not see any snowy owls, but I sure did enjoy the beautiful weather and stunning scenery!

Powder Point Bridge

 Common Eider

Bufflehead (female)

My route (on the way out)

Savannah Sparrow

Looking back at the bridge


There are several cutovers to the beach.  I went over at least three different ones, enjoying some time on the beach as well.

There were a lot of different views of Gurnet Light, but eventually I walked so close that I could no longer see it, so at that point I turned back.

White-Winged Scoters

White-Winged Scoter

White-Winged Scoter (female) having crab for lunch

Gurnet Light


How about that sky?

Song Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow

poss. Vespers Sparrow

Common Eider

Bufflehead (male)

Another favorite tree of mine

Before heading for home, I had to stop and wander through the Old Shipbuilders District.  Most of the homes date from the early 1800s.  

Love, love, love this wreath!

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

(The view that some of these shipbuilders used to enjoy)

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