Monday, December 15, 2014

The Ice Cometh to Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

The above photo was my favorite of the whole hike.  This little cove, more protected than the open area below, was frozen flat, with tiny spots of frost on top of the ice.  The sun was weakly filtering through the forest across the ice, making it a very beautiful spot.

On the water side of the trail across the dam, everything was frosty.  On the forest side, it was not.

And what does one do in the winter, when there are no birds or butterflies or other insects?  Mushrooms, fungus, lichen and moss take center stage!  They do have a beauty of their own, possibly more difficult to appreciate.  Possibly not!

As for birds, there was quite a noisy flock of Tufted Titmice in the forest and Black-Capped Chickadees.  I also saw one Downy Woodpecker on my way out.  Other than that, it was very quiet.

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