Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snowy Owls at Parker River NWR

It was much colder today than it had been for a while (high of only 29 degrees).  Add to that a brisk wind, and you have a nice case of wind chill in the teens.  I didn't realize the wind was that bad until I had already arrived at my destination.  Well, when my car was being buffeted almost into another lane on the way north, it occurred to me that it might be bone-chillingly cold out there!

There were not many people at Parker River at all.   It didn't take long walking up the empty beach to get to a Snowy Owl.  I saw a patch of white just at the top of the dune, so I put the binoculars on it.  Hello!  This beautiful Snowy Owl was almost entirely pure white.

It soon took off for a short flight and where it landed, another Snowy Owl immediately flew up.  The white Snowy Owl flew off for quieter parts.  The more speckled Snowy Owl remained.


I continued on through the refuge, stopping at various points to check out the birds.  I did see Northern Harriers 5 times, which was also a treat.  Other than that, I didn't see much.

American Tree Sparrow

Northern Cardinal

Northern Harrier

I drove up to Salisbury Beach State Reservation since I was nearby.  I didn't want to miss anything!

American Tree Sparrows

Horned Lark

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