Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nature Walk at Fruitlands Museum

Finally the nor'easter released its hold on us, and the rain let up.  I heard on the news that we received between three and seven inches of rain.  I believe it!  It was wonderful to see blue sky and sunshine again!

I had a few nice birds in my yard before I left:

White-Throated Sparrow

Downy Woodpecker

Common Grackle

I also saw:  Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren and Black-Capped Chickadee.

Then, I was off to Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.  I paid for admission to the grounds only as I had visited the buildings last year around this time.  It is a wonderful place to walk.

There are still a few lingering blossoms...

American Crow
Black-Capped Chickadee
Blue Jay
Dark-Eyed Junco (No!!!!  I don't want snowbirds yet!)
Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Phoebe
Gray Catbird
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-Tailed Hawk
Thrush (unknown variety)
Turkey Vulture
White-Breasted Nuthatch
White-Throated Sparrow
Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Turkey Vulture

Dark-Eyed Junco

Garter Snake

 I love how this mushroom looks like a flower!

White-Throated Sparrow

Eastern Phoebe

Wooly Aphid

Brown Stink Bug

 Birch Polypore

Autumn Meadowhawk

 Hairy Woodpecker

On my way home, I stopped for a short walk at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

 Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar

 Stink Bug

For the most part, there seemed to be a "lavender" theme.

 Autumn Croci


 White-Breasted Nuthatch

 Ichneumon wasp

Redvein Enkianthus

I had to stop one last time in Southboro to photograph the church with beautiful fall foliage next to it.

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