Thursday, October 9, 2014

Killdeer at Hopkinton State Park

At noontime, I stopped to check out the foliage at Hopkinton State Park.  It still wasn't very bright, but while I was there, I thought I'd check out the drained lower beach for shorebirds.  A hawk was flying overhead, and it flushed up a good-sized flock of Killdeer.  There were at least 24 and probably more.  I also saw a couple of Pectoral Sandpipers among the Killdeer.  It was quite windy, and when it was very gusty, the Killdeer would hunker down behind some "driftwood" tree roots or rocks for cover.  They were quite well camouflaged when they were still.

 The hawk (I don't know what kind)

 Killdeer taking cover from the wind

 Pectoral Sandpiper

Me and my shadow

After work I thought I'd check out the bushes at Cushing Memorial Park and see if any warblers were eating the berries.  On the way there, I just had to stop at the Sudbury River.  The leaves were amazing!

On to Cushing, where the bushes were full of ripe fruit, but only squirrels were eating them.  Behind the chapel, there were trees just full of ripe fruit and a rather large flock of American Robins was in there.

I stopped to watch the sunset (or actually right after it set) at the Sudbury Aqueduct Trail.

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