Thursday, October 2, 2014

Looking Back: 3Q2014

New Butterflies:
A mid-summer trip to Ohio definitely helped me out with this list!

American Snout, Delaware, OH
Little Yellow, Delaware, OH
Sachem, Westport, MA
Tawny Emperor, Delaware, OH

My butterfly list to date for 2014 stands at 66, with four new butterflies added to my life list!  My yard list for 2014 has slowly ticked up to 14.

My favorite butterfly of 3Q2014 was the "hitchhiker" Question Mark that flew around and around the car at Deer Haven Preserve, landed briefly on my sister's back, and then hitched a ride in the gasket of the rear passenger door of the car, flying out as I opened the door for my mother after we arrived in downtown Delaware, OH.

New Places:

Adams Farm, Walpole, MA
Buttonwood Farm, Griswold, CT
Emily Traphagen Preserve, Powell, OH
Norma Johnson Center, Dover, OH
The Wilderness Center, Wilmot, OH

In mid-September, when I started thinking about this post, I couldn't remember a single new place that I had visited and thought I'd have to intentionally hit some new places quickly before the quarter ended!  (That's why these reviews are good for me!)

New Birds:
Black Raven, Westport, MA
Eastern Wood Peewee, Southboro, MA
Fish Crow, Sudbury, MA
Yellow-Throated Vireo, Boylston, MA

My bird list to date for 2014 stands at 161, with 4 new birds added to my life list !  My yard list for 2014 has slowly ticked up to 41.

Biggest Surprises:
Sun-bathing birds
Huge Snapping Turtle
Weight of Farm-Grown Sunflower Bouquets (yes, I had back trouble after carrying 4 huge bouquets to my car)
Mottled Darner

This past quarter, I went on a whale watch out of Plymouth, MA,  participated in a caterpillar safari walk at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, and assisted in a butterfly census at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary.  I also attended some local festivals:

Barbara Walker Butterfly Festival, Worcester, MA
Buttonwood Farm Sunflower Festival, Griswold, CT
Gloucester Schooner Festival, Gloucester, MA

Favorite Photos:

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