Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maine Getaway

We're just back from four days in Bar Harbor, Maine.  We enjoyed as much nature as we could pack into our short visit, especially out on the water.  Here are the highlights:

View of Bar Harbor from the top of Cadillac Mountain
Acadia National Park

Sunset (also from atop Cadillac Mountain)

The boys took a glider ride.

You can't really appreciate how tiny the cockpit is in this glider from a distance.  Check out this closer view!  They had to put up with each other's knees and elbows in order to share this ride!

There was just a canopy with tables and chairs under it for spectators.  I enjoyed watching butterflies while the boys were on their flight.  I saw Viceroys, Common Wood Nymphs, Common Ringlets, a Blue species, an American Lady and a Great Spangled Fritillary. 

Great Spangled Fritillary

We went on an evening Whale Watch.  We saw a nice pair of Humpback Whales,  named Victum and Spear.

Northern Gannet

Great Shearwater
Thanks to Alan M. for the ID on this one.

Thar she blows!

Tail show before a dive

Flipper flapping


Humpback whales

Sunset from the whale watch

I visited the Charlotte Rhoades Butterfly Garden in Southwest Harbor one afternoon.

Monarch (one of two)

American Lady

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

White Admiral

The Somesville Bridge
(just down the street from the butterfly garden
and one of the most photographed bridges in Maine)

George and I went on one more boat ride late afternoon, around the islands in the harbor area.  We had good views of seals and juvenile Bald Eagles.


and more seals!

Solar-powered lighthouse

Bald Eagle (juvenile - per our guide it fledged this year)

On our last morning, I got up at 6 and drove the Park Loop Trail at Acadia National Park to get a feel for it without the summer crowds and parking problems.  I was happy to see one more white-tailed deer!

Eastern Purple Bladderwort

I stopped by this pond and just loved these little pink flowers.  They were beautiful!

One hour past sunrise, it was still beautiful!

I still believe that Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful places I have been.  I must say, though, that being there peak tourist season is not as enjoyable as the off-season.  I definitely will go back again, and hope to spend more time in the park next time!  If it has to be at 5AM, so be it!

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