Friday, August 30, 2013

Butterflies at Heirloom Harvest CSA

At Heirloom Harvest Community Support Agriculture in Westboro, MA, there is good grassland habitat along the dirt roads that lead out to the crop fields.   As long as you stay out of the way of the farmers and out of the crops, the public is welcome to walk here.   Today the roads were very dry and dusty.

Orange Sulphurs, Clouded Sulphurs and Cabbage Whites were flitting across the meadows.   This was another case where you really have to be "present" in order to see other butterflies.  It would have been easy to walk by without seeing them.  Most were small species and remained low in the grasses.

Common Sootywing

Chickweed Geometer Moth

Eastern Tailed Blue

Gray Hairstreak 
(Only one chance to take its photo and then it was gone, so I didn't get a crisp shot)

Common Wood Nymph

All Sightings:
Black Swallowtail 1
Cabbage White 9
Clouded Sulphur 6

Common Sootywing 3
Common Wood Nymph 1
Eastern Tailed Blue 2
Gray Hairstreak 1
Least Skipper 2
Orange Sulphur 5

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