Thursday, March 22, 2012

Song Sparrow and Great Blue Herons

I hadn't been to Farm Pond for a while, so I thought I'd check it out this morning.  Most of the mute swans were on the other end of the path from where I was, and since it's mating season, it is best to keep a safe distance anyway.  There was sadly no sign of the wood duck.  He must have moved on to quieter parts.  The early morning sunlight cast a pretty golden hue to the pond.

Mute Swans

Song Sparrow

On the way home, I stopped on Salem End Road to check on the Great Blue Herons.  I had to take these photos from the road, so they aren't very crisp.   There were 3 birds there this morning, but no signs of any nesting.

Great Blue Herons

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