Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed Bag of Birds

The male cardinal fed a seed to his mate again today, and I missed it again!  I didn't even see her there in the shrubs, so when he flew over there and placed it in her beak, I was just as surprised by it as I was the other day!  I hope some day I'll be ready with the camera!


I think this squirrel is bringing something soft to line its nest.

I took a walk at the cemetery at lunchtime and kept looking over my shoulder in case the turkey felt like protecting its territory.  I didn't see him until I was in my car again.  He was napping in the shade of this stone.  His good manners required that he stand when he saw me, and I wondered how old he was because his right leg seemed stiff.

Back home, I tried to practice again at catching birds in flight.

Can you tell this is a chickadee?  He's heading in to get some seed at the feeder.

This is a Nuthatch.  It's sure an odd-looking flight position, but he's very close to landing and already bringing his feet forward.

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