Thursday, March 22, 2012

Killdeer - Mating Season

 First, I was thrilled to spot a killdeer today during my lunch break.  She stared at me very intently like she couldn't quite figure out what I was (or why I was staring at her).

 I swear she even signaled me to move on.  But, I didn't.   

 "Hey, you!  Get out of here.  Hit the road!"

Then, I saw a second killdeer just a little farther back in the same area.  Soon, the two killdeer were working on starting a family.  I was surprised to be in the right place at the right time (at least from my perspective) once again!  (This horrifies my son!)

 (pretending like nothing happened)

 (pretending like they don't even know each other)

You're still here? (disgusted)

I probably should have given them a little privacy, but I just couldn't bring myself to miss the photo opportunity!  Spring is here!  

Note:  I almost didn't stop in the cemetery today, because I was thinking there'd be nothing "new" to see.  I'm glad I went and also glad that I continue to be motivated (and rewarded) by my 2012 nature photography challenge!  

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