Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue Skies

It was such a pretty day, so I headed down to the Sudbury River for a view to the east.   This was the first time I ran into another person, a fisherman, on the little trail at the side of the road.   There's a lot of litter around this trail, and I have a suspicion that it is a drinking spot for teenagers at other times of the day.

I stopped at Wildwood Cemetery afterwards.  Robins were digging for earthworms in the ground, a sure sign of spring.

European starlings were also rooting around in the same area as the robins, running after the robins as if they had something the starling wanted.

 They really are a pretty bird when you see them close up.  Do you agree?

 Open wide!

This robin looks like he's posing for "Angry Birds".

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