Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mourning Cloak (2nd Butterfly Sighting of 2012)

Georgie and I walked this afternoon at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Refuge (Mass Audubon) in Worcester, MA.  We went there (or at least I did) with the sole intent of trying to find a Mourning Cloak butterfly.   I looked at all the logs along the trail trying to find one basking in the sun, but Georgie spotted two flying through the air right away.  We just had to watch and wait for one to land for a photo opportunity!

Success!  We actually saw at least four different ones, prettily fluttering about in the woods.

This one landed several times on top of a wooden swing beside the trail.

It was challenging to try to catch these two in flight, because they moved pretty fast (at least for my reaction)!

 This is another "first" for me for butterflies.  I never even knew these existed until last year when I started learning more about butterflies!  They are quite pretty!

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