Saturday, March 10, 2012

Framingham Birds

I checked on the Great Blue Heron nest site on Salem End Road and yet again, there were no herons there.  Either it's been too cold, or they decided against this location for nesting.

I also walked down to Farm Pond to see if I could find the wood duck.  No luck there, either.  But, the mute swans were out in full force (as usual).  I couldn't resist a few photos!

On the way home, I spotted a flock of wild turkeys in a parking lot at Framingham State University.  It made for an ugly backdrop, but.....

These turkeys were aggressively chasing off starlings, who were vying for whatever food they were finding here.

The edge of this parking lot had a lot of bird activity!


Northern mockingbird

European starling

The bittersweet vine was very popular.

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