Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Moose Head

Our last day dawned grey and rainy, the rains that would contribute to flooding in Denali National Park and require rescue of stranded tourists.  George and I were up at 5:30AM to go in search of wildlife and make the most of our last day.

Of course, we drove South on Seward Highway and stopped at and near Beluga Point.  We had been skunked so far this trip on Dall Sheep sightings.  This was our last chance.  Success, thanks to George's sharp eyes!  It was so gusty, and they were so distant, that it was challenging to get crisp shots.

George also spotted this juvenile Bald Eagle.  (I must have still been asleep.  I was not spotting anything!)

We stopped at the Moose Flats picnic area and noted this warning sign before we went into the woods.   George made a lot of noise while we were here!

Arctic Wintergreen
(These woods were filled with it.)

The scenery was beautiful, as usual, but what really struck us in this valley was the bluish-green color of the river.  At this stop, I saw a yellow warbler and a sandpiper, but it was raining so hard, I did not get photos.

There are still original telegraph poles along the Seward Highway, some still adorned with glass insulators.

George kept reminding me to watch for moose as we drove along, which -- of course -- I was already doing!  At one point, I yelled "I see a moose head"!  He quickly pulled over as he asked "moose head?"  Yes, I saw a moose head!  It was peeking over the railroad tracks!

 All of Alaska at its feet, and this moose stands on railroad tracks.  Go figure!

One final impression I had of my visit to Alaska was that they have the most beautiful cultivated flowers everywhere.  Hanging baskets, planted beds, formal gardens, potted plants.  Color, color, everywhere.  One of our guides said that because the growing season is so short, the people like to make the most of it.  Here is a little taste:

That's it for my Alaska posts.  I hope to go again, and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it!  Go!!!

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