Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rainy Walk at BHCL

Finally, after work, the rain slowed down a bit and looked like it might stop, so I headed over to Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in my waterproof boots, for a quick hike.

I spotted some strawberries ripening up right on the trail!

The rain did stop shortly after I started walking, and then the humidity really sparked up.  Every time I stopped to take a photo, my glasses steamed up and I could hardly see.   I really enjoyed walking around seeing the water droplets all over everything.  I do enjoy taking photos after the rain!

Once the rain stopped, there were several moths flying about.  This one was the prettiest of the bunch.

When I arrived at the part of the trail where the meadow is filled with blooming Spotted Cranesbill, the sun finally came out for a few minutes.  Butterflies, including Pearl Crescent, Common Ringlets, Little Wood Satyrs and a European Skipper all came up out of the grass and started flying around the flowers.  It was neat to be there and witness them all rise up where none had been.

Spotted Cranesbill
soaked by the day's rains

 Pearl Crescent

European Skipper

 Common Ringlet

Common Speedwell

 White Campion

What is that thing hanging on the tree?  Is it a wasp nest?

Song Sparrow
w/ food for nestling

 American Crow


Last, but not least, there was an interesting insect waiting on my car when I returned to the parking area.  Pretty wings, don't you think?  

Snipe Fly

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