Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mysteries of the Day

Morning, noon and evening walks at BHCL today:

Dew in the morning sunshine

 Male Cardinal

 Cow Vetch

 Double Crested Cormorant and Great Blue Heron
(on a play date?)

 White Campion

Some of my nature sightings were at home today:

 Peck's Skipper

 Mystery #1

 American Toad

And now back to our regularly scheduled program at BHCL:

In the afternoon, I saw lots of Eastern Tailed-Blues.

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 Mystery #2
This looks like a vetch, but I couldn't ID it.  Pretty though!
Found it!  Common Vetch (ha ha, figures!)

Alternate-Leaved Dogwood
(Thanks to Josh for the ID!)

There are several of these trees in bloom now on the property.

 poss.  Phaneta umbrastriana

 Dwarf Cinquefoil (yellow) with a little Clover for contrast

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 Spotted Cranesbill

 Blue-Eyed Grass

 Mystery #3
Whorled Bedstraw (Galium mollugo)
(Thanks to Josh for suggesting the genus for this plant!)

I'm not sure what this is, but there is tons of it in the meadow.  Very pretty lacy white flower.

 Black Swallowtail


 Song Sparrow 

Mystery #4
Maple-Leaved Viburnum
(Thanks to Rosemary and Freddie for the ID!)

I only took one photo on my evening walk, and it is the last one, above.  Something pretty flowering along the edge of the woods.

So now all mysteries except the caterpillar have been solved thanks to my on-line friends!  I really do appreciate your assistance!


  1. I think the flowering tree (pictured after Common Vetch) is Alternate-leaved Dogwood (Swida alternifolia). As for mystery #3, try looking up the genus Galium.