Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cedar Waxwing at BHCL

OK.  I tried.  Really I did.  I thought I'd limit this blog to only the single photo of a Cedar Waxwing, but I just couldn't do it. I have no control.  I like how nature presents itself to us in so many different ways.

 Cedar Waxwing (always a favorite)

Little Wood Satyr

I like how it perched on this milkweed leaf, right in front of me, and yet not in the easiest position to photograph.  It made the antennae stand out, though, and in the end, I really like the way it looks.  

European Skipper

This one appealed to me for much the same reason.  The way it perched on this leaf and spread its tiny orange wings out even though there was no sun to bask in.  This little butterfly was quite abundant today, regardless of the weather.  It stays low and among the grasses, so it's not something you're liable to notice unless you're looking down into the tall grasses of the meadow.

Common Ringlet

This butterfly stopped to nectar on the tiniest little flower right in the path.  The Common Ringlet has a crazy flight pattern so that people refer to it as drunken.  It doesn't go in a straight line.  This probably protects it from predators.  Sometimes they don't seem to stop very often, so that is why I like this photo.  It conveniently stopped right in front of me, and it was not bent at an odd angle (another common problem).  Photo op!

European Skipper on Common Vetch

Tiny butterfly.  Tiny blossom.  That was enough for me.

 European Skipper on Cow Vetch

For this one, I just love how the Cow Vetch is turning two-toned as it ages.  Add the European Skipper to the mix, and I could not resist.

I have a weakness for spent dandelions.  They are truly a work of art.

Meadow Plant Bug
(Leptopterna dolabrata)

I took this one just because it was an insect that I didn't recognize, and I am trying to learn.  It may be harsh, but I don't think whoever named this bug was very creative!  I found it on a meadow plant!  Ha!

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