Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baltimore Oriole in Framingham

I started my day at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land:

Song Sparrow

European Skipper

Milkweed is budded!
We''re ready for the Monarchs to return.

Northern Cloudywing

Common Whitetail

Peck's Skipper

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Cedar Waxwings (3)

Northern Mockingbird

Black Swallowtail

Blue-Eyed Grass

Cedar Waxwing

I had to plant my community garden bed today, so I drove over to River's Edge Nursery in Framingham to buy my vegetables.  Last year, I bought them at Lowes because I was short on time and vowed never to do that again.

While I was shopping, I heard the beautiful song of a Baltimore Oriole and soon he landed quite near me.  After I put my purchases in the car, I returned to the same spot with my camera and got some nice shots.  It was then that I also noticed an American Robin sitting on her nest quite near the Baltimore Oriole nest.  Very popular tree!  Their nests were within 4 feet of one another.

 American Robin
on nest (is that cassette tape material mixed in?)

 Baltimore Oriole nest
(did you notice the rubber band near the top?)

 beautiful Baltimore Oriole

In the afternoon, I took another walk at Breakneck Hill:

Silvery Blue

Common Ringlet

American Copper

Mourning Cloak

busy American Robin

 Peck's Skippers


 Beautiful day!

I found this oddly colored Pearl Crescent as I was on my way out.  I don't know if it's just worn, or if that was always the way it looked, but it sure looks strange one to me.

odd Pearl Crescent

Black Swallowtail #1

Black Swallowtail #2


  1. Beautiful, Dawn, just beautiful. I especially love the photo of Yarrow.