Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's Birds and Butterflies

 American Lady Butterfly (worn...survivor from last year)

American Lady  (fresh...recently hatched)

 Red Admiral Butterfly

Red Admiral butterfly

American robin (collecting for nest)


 Red Admiral - nice outer wing camouflage!  You can be looking right at them and not see them!

 The butterflies like the warm stones (gravestones, walls, steps, and boulders)

All of the above photos were taken at Wildwood Cemetery, Ashland, MA
Sunny and high 50s 

The following photos were taken in my garden or along the driveway.
Sunny and low 60s

Chipping Sparrow (summer form)

American Lady butterfly on Bugleweed

 Question Mark

 Pearl Crescent

Red Admiral

American Lady on Creeping Phlox

It has been raining for days.  When it wasn't raining, it was cold and overcast, dark grey skies.  Today, around 11AM, the sun broke out and the temperature warmed up into the 60s.  The butterflies burst out of their hiding places in force.  

I lost count of how many American Ladies and Red Admirals I saw along my driveway and in the wetlands.  There had to be 15-20 Red Admirals and at least 6 American Ladies.  Then, I also saw 2 Juvenal Duskywings, a Pearl Crescent, and an Eastern Comma.   Having an experience of so many butterflies at once just may make all those rainy days worth it!  They were landing all around me.  I could turn in almost any direction and shoot a photo!  It was very exciting!

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