Sunday, May 27, 2012

New England Wildflower Society Garden in the Woods

I walked at Garden in the Woods today with my parents.  It was 74 degrees.  We wore long sleeves and long pants, expecting the bugs to be bad and they were not!  Everyone else was in tank tops and shorts!  It was a warm day, and we were hot!

We saw only one lonely wild lady slipper on Ridge Trail!  (We had gone so that Mom could see the lady slippers.)

On our way up Lady Slipper Trail, we did have an exciting encounter with a snake who was mid-snack!

Garter Snake eating Wood Frog

We did also see one cluster of small yellow lady slippers on our way out on the steps on Curtis Trail.

Of course, the rest of the time, I was on the hunt for butterflies!

American Lady (tattered and torn)

Peck's Skipper

Pearl Crescent (tattered and torn)

Little Wood Satyr

Ebony Jewelwing (male)

Question Mark

Question Mark

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