Thursday, May 3, 2012


Oh, I had such a great lunch break today!  First, I wanted to check on the killdeer to see if any would be doing their broken wing trick (indicating their eggs are near).  None did, but boy did I see a lot of killdeer.  I would guess at least a dozen.

Playing "king of the mountain"

I'll have to go back another day and check to see if there are eggs in this location.  It's the typical site they would choose (gravel, dirt, no cover).  I can't believe it, though, with all the noisy, heavy construction machinery at work around them.....doesn't seem very secure.

One was particularly upset by an American crow.  I think the crow was innocent and simply wanted to drink from a puddle.

 On second thought, he doesn't look that innocent....

Don't you agree that this is one sharp-looking little bird?

"Beat it!   Get lost!"

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Ashland, MA
54 degrees

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