Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nesting Tree Swallow

I stopped by the cemetery today hoping to see some bird activity.  I checked the two nesting boxes.  One is occupied by the tree swallows, while the other is occupied by the bluebirds.

Only the tree swallow peeked out for a photo.  (Click to enlarge)

On my way out, I spotted an American Robin building a nest in a crabapple tree near the entrance.  It wasn't the least bit visible through the leaves, but I saw her taking in a beak full of grasses and could see the branches moving a bit as she worked on the nest.

Other birds spotted:  mourning dove (1), northern mockingbird (3), blue jay (2), european starling (several), house finch (1), crow (1), song sparrow (2)

Wildwood Cemetery
Ashland, MA
49 degrees, misting

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