Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Massachusetts Butterflies

Took a hike at the Sherborn Power Lines today during lunch and spotted some nice butterflies in a very short period of time (20 minutes).

Gray Hairstreak

Wood Lilies

 Banded Hairstreak
Edwards Hairstreak

 American Copper

 American Copper

Orange Sulphur (next to parking lot) and she's laying eggs (see her tipped abdomen)

Common Wood Nymph (FOY)

Great Spangled Fritillary

Canada Lily (1st one I've seen in the wild!)


  1. The Banded Hairstreak is an Edward's. Nice pix

    1. Thanks! That would be a first ever sighting for me and bring my species count up to 50 for the year. Appreciate the feedback. Now to look at the photo more closely to try to "see" what makes it an Edward's!