Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hawk and Butterflies

I took a drive through Wildwood Cemetery while my son was in his karate class.  I saw the juvenile red-tailed hawk perched in the same tree as when I saw him earlier this month.

On a road all the way at the back of the cemetery, the sun was shining on a wooded area and there were a whole bunch of butterflies there.  I saw 6-8 Red Admirals, one Eastern Comma and one Banded Hairstreak, for sure.  There may have been more.  A nice surprise!  One of the Red Admirals landed on me two times, but I had my zoom lens on the camera, so couldn't snap it.

Don't you just wonder how a tattered butterfly like this can survive?  Red Admiral, very worn

Banded Hairstreak

Red Admiral

Question Mark

Question Mark (on flag pole at Rec Center when I picked up my son after karate).  Love that the butterflies pop out everywhere as long as you are paying attention!

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