Friday, July 8, 2016

Butterflies and More at BHCL

Today's weather was overcast and cool, only 68 degrees.  It was not a day when I expected to see too much in the way of butterflies, but it ended up being a good butterfly day.   There's no predicting...

Gray Catbird


Gray Hairstreak

American Copper

Mourning Cloak
(Freddie had asked me if I've seen any, and I had not since very early in the spring.)


Wild Turkey family!

Little Wood Satyr

Indigo Bunting

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Gray Hairstreak (rear view)

What a beauty!

Love this photo!  I almost walked on, but then saw it land on this Birds Foot Garden Trefoil and had to stop and catch a photo of it on the beautiful yellow blossoms!

Song Sparrow

Orange Sulphur
Haven't seen many of these this year either...

Chipping Sparrow juvenile

and an adult

Oh, those poor ears!

Bur-Reed  (native)


  1. Has anyone seen Monarchs yet?? I live twenty miles from Boston... Have Milkweed just waiting for this butterfly, but haven't seen a one yet.

  2. Hi Chris, yes people have reported seeing them. I've seen one or two on at least 4 occasions, all at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southboro. It's already been a better year for sightings (for me personally) than all last season.

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