Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Snow at BHCL

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had our first snow of the season last night, and it coated everything in snow and ice.  Too bad there wasn't a little sunshine to make it all sparkle....

American Goldfinch

Northern Mockingbird

Blue Jay

Cedar Waxwing

House Finch (female) 
with eye infection

Song Sparrow

House Finch (male)

 animal tracks

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter Wren at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

Finally got out for a walk today, after missing several days due to company or weather.  I walked at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary.  I saw my first Winter Wren today, just before the curve in the trail that leads onto the dam.  A very cute little bird!   According to All About Birds, "Per unit weight, the Winter Wren delivers its song with 10 times more power than a crowing rooster."

Besides the wren, today's color seemed to have a beige theme.  Of course, it is late autumn, and there is no snow yet, so browns and beiges are to be expected.  Snow is predicted for tomorrow, though!  Are you ready for it?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Too cold to be outside.  That was the expressed opinion of my sister-in-law from Atlanta, who also decided that her "winter" coat was only good for winter in Georgia!  As a result, we determined that the Limonaia (Lemon House) and the Orangerie at Tower Hill Botanic Garden might be a good stop on a cold fall day.