Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bobolink Trifecta

1.  Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough
     5/31 lunch break

Tiger Swallowtail

Hobomok Skipper

                                                          Dame's Rocket


I only saw males, who had staked out territory in the meadow and would occasionally take to the wing with warning calls if the path took me too close to their spot.

 Clouded Sulphur

Common Sootywing

 Eastern Bluebird

2.  Heirloom Harvest CSA, Westborough
     5/31 after work

Same experience.  Male bobolinks, staking out territory in the meadows and occasionally flying or singing their crazy song.

Tree Swallow

Cow Vetch

Pearl Crescent

White-Tailed Deer

I had stopped because I heard Cedar Waxwings in the treetops and was trying to spot them.  I heard some rustling in the shrubs, and this deer appeared in a small opening.  Sweet!  He was busy enough and not so scared that as long as I stood still, he allowed me to photograph him.  As soon as I moved, he ran into the woods.

Most of the nesting boxes appeared to be occupied by Tree Swallows.


Red-Winged Blackbird

3.  Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southborough
     6/1 lunch break


One male bobolink was singing in the small tree across from the pond.  I hope he attracts a mate and stays for the summer!

I think this is the first European Skipper of the summer

Indigo Bunting

Gray Hairstreak


mystery caterpillar

Eastern Bluebird father bringing food to the dilapidated nest box

another Gray Hairstreak

I think this is a Dusted Skipper

Black Swallowtail

Uh oh.  I didn't have any luck spotting the nest from which this fell.

4.  Rural Cemetery, Southborough
     6/1 after work

American Robin with food to take back to the nest

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Song Sparrow

Mute Swan nest is EMPTY

There was no sign of the mute swan family on Middle Road, and I didn't take the time to check any other spots, but the nest is now empty.  While I was scanning for the swans, I did notice a Great Blue Heron fishing along the edge of the water.

Great Blue Heron





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