Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn Walk at BHCL

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous autumn day with bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s.  I headed over for an hour's walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  There was a lot of bird activity, and even a few straggling butterflies out searching for the few remaining nectar sources.

Even though this one is damaged and the leaf is off-center (in order to remove other distracting branches), the shape, the veins and the colors were all appealing to me.

I just love it when the fence posts are being used by insect-hunting birds.  I don't know why some days this is more common than others.  Maybe there are so many less insects, and the traffic on the paths stirs up the ones that are there.  I don't know, but I do enjoy watching them!

Eastern Bluebird

House Finch

 Eastern Bluebird 
presiding over the meeting with
 American Goldfinch, Chipping Sparrow and House Finch

Eastern Phoebes

The poses are not ideal in the above photo, but I liked capturing two in a single shot.

again, a single bird in a much better position!

 Northern Mockingbird

There were two Northern Mockingbirds, and they were chasing each other around and around one particular area.  One would fly to the top of a shrub.  The other would fly in after it and chase it off, and so it went, over and over.  They were still at it an hour later when I was on my way out!

 Eastern Phoebe with the tiniest morsel of food

 Orange Sulphur

Song Sparrow (I think)

 Yellow-Rumped Warbler

There were at least a dozen Yellow-Rumped Warblers flying through one of the uncut meadows.  You can see the bright yellow rump (just above the tail) for which they were named.  Some people have nicknamed these birds "butter butt".


The sunlight pouring through the yellow leaves in the forest was breathtaking.  This photo just doesn't do it justice.

American Goldfinch

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