Sunday, June 3, 2012

Massachusetts Audubon Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

It has been my experience that rainy, overcast days are great days to go to Broadmoor.  Less people usually equates to more wildlife sightings, and that was the case yet again this morning!  Cloudy, with occasional breaks of sunshine and occasional showers.  Low 60s.

You have to love a meadow after a heavy rain!

The first bird I saw along the edge of the meadow was a Eastern Towhee, a first for me!

The next bird I saw was this blue-brown mix.  I have no idea what it please help me out!  After further review, I think this is an adult male (non-breeding) Indigo Bunting, another first for me!

[I sent this photo to Alan Marble of the Forbush Bird Club, and he thinks this could be either as I identified or a first year male.]

When it started to rain, I took cover in a shelter and accidentally flushed out a family of wood ducks:  a Mama duck and her six ducklings.  What a lovely surprise!

Hobomok Skipper, a real beauty as far as skippers go.  I was surprised to see him out in such damp conditions.

Tree Swallow


Northern Flicker (female)

Peck's Skipper

Little Wood Satyr

Eastern Bluebird

Mute Swan and 2 cygnets (ugly ducklings, if you will)

Red-Winged Blackbird (female)

House sparrows preparing to nest

Mourning Dove

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  1. awww those are ugly their cute and fluffy looking