Friday, June 8, 2012

Foggy Morning at Wildwood Cemetery

What a morning!  I went out to try to get a picture of the river in the fog, but there wasn't enough of a contrast, so I headed over to Wildwood to see what I could see.  Well, there was a lot to see there this morning!

Red-tailed hawk

This was the 2nd red-tailed hawk, which had been sitting right beside the one in the photo above.  When it flew off, the other birds flew after it and kept bothering it.  I liked the silhouette against the foggy sky.

I saw this odd silhouette so I had to go closer to investigate.

Tom was taking his morning bath, still favoring a sore foot.  (He is standing on only one leg here.)

When I was photographing the hawks, I spotted this fox killing a squirrel.  Lucky for me, he didn't run when I moved in closer.

This is MINE!

Tastes like chicken! (see squirrel's leg in mouth)

Oh, this piece is tough!


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