Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fire and Ice

We had freezing rain which left everything a mess.  There was a hard layer of ice on top of everything, making walking dangerous unless you have the appropriate gear.  I knew this was a perfect day for microspikes.  As soon as the sun started hitting the icy trees, I ran out of the house.

First stop:  Hopkinton State Park.  The sun had been up for at least an hour and was shining through a glittering forest and highlighting the treetops against the blue sky.  My photos don't do it justice.  It was stunning.

As it turned out, the forest was not the best place to be, because that sun hitting all that ice created a rain shower under the canopy.  That makes it impossible to get nice photos and protect the camera, so I decided to head over to BHCL before everything melted off and enjoy what I hoped would be icy meadows.

Second stop:  Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

 More sun lighting up the frozen tree tops

 I think this is my favorite.

House Finch

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